We focus on enhancing any space which offers its users a sensory experience… Through the power of the senses; we can affect the way a person feels in a space. Our approach is research-driven and executed via a combination of materials, colours, fragrances & sounds to create immersive, multi-sensory experiences.

We understand the way our clients want a space to make its users feel, and that they require longevity from their space design – so from tech companies who use colour and fragrance to create an
atmosphere of calm focus, to drive staff retention and wellbeing; through to hotels that need leisure spaces that encourage an experience of vitality, escape and energy…the way we plan & design space is wholly directed by the emotional outcome that is required.


Our Areas Of Expertise

Boutique Hotels

Create a memorable experience for your guests adding a welcoming atmosphere that will enhance guest’s perception whilst leaving long- lasting memories of their stay.

Office Spaces

Choose a scent to help drive productivity, nurture employee relationships and create an exemplary first impression for visiting clients.

Car Dealerships

Create a sense of luxury and maximise customer experience allowing the sales process to feel much more relaxed and natural.

Private Clinics and Hospitals

Create a comforting and positive feel that will help reduce patient stress and alleviate anxiety levels.

Gyms/Fitness Centres

Scent will create a fresh and invigorating experience for your customers and encourage members to maintain their membership.

Show Homes

Create a welcoming and elegant scent that will help enhance the perception of luxury and value to all those viewing.


Pick a scent for your big day that will provide lasting memories for years to come.